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Captain Bob is a Blue & Gold Macaw.  He's in his early 30s.  We don't know his exact age because he's a rescue parrot we adopted before we even started the tour company. 

We also adopted his "sister," Doozer the Diva.  She's a yellow-naped Amazon.  We don't know her exact age either, but she's in her 40s.

Captain Bob, the blue and gold macaw of Charleston Pirate Tours

The Parrots

Parrot helping at Charleston Pirate Tours office
Capt. Bob, celebrity parrot and Cover Bird

Bob is quite the local celebrity!

As you can see, Doozer likes to help out around the office.

Doozer the yellow-naped Amazon of Charleston Pirate Tours

Captain Bob and Doozer love getting out of the house and getting attention.  In addition to doing tours with us, they also make appearances at events, schools, and museums. They even go out to eat with us!

Captain Bob dines al fresco with Charleston Pirate Tours owners
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