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"We were recently in Charleston and lucked upon Eric and Cpt. Bob.  My son wanted to go on the tour, which I thought would be a bit hokey, so we went. I must say I was WRONG.  We had several tours of Charleston and I must say ERIC IS THE BEST TOUR GUIDE IN TOWN!!!!!  We learned more about the city and pirates than we could... have ever dreamed and had fun doing it.  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for a great time,"   Powell Family


Pierce family here.  We were your pirate ghost tour on Sunday March 24th.  Thank you so much for doing this tour!  It was awesome and our kids really enjoyed it.  Learned some stuff too!!  🙂  I have bookmarked your website for our future visits to Charleston.  See you again next year or year after!!

Eric and Melinda Pierce


Madeleine had a blast, and you guys did great in the rain!  I loved how you made sure that every kid would share in the treasure and in discovering the clues.  My only suggestion would be to teach the kids some pirate sayings.  Well done!  Lisa Dameron


"Eric Lavender, dressed in full pirate regalia with a live parrot on his shoulder, entertained us in swashbuckling fashion during our Pirate Tour of Charleston, SC. My husband, two teenagers, and I love pirates, and Eric is an exceptional storyteller. It was a riot to walk around the old cobblestoned streets behind our authentic pirate guide, who showed us taverns and hidden spots and the dungeon connected with pirate lore.  Eric doesn't tell tall tales, but true stories he has researched about Stede Bonnet ("the Gentleman Pirate"), Blackbeard, and their friends both brave and cowardly. Eric is also a very nice man, making sure we took frequent breaks on shady park benches, and he was lovely about posing for pictures with us at the end of the tour.  It was a great value for the money, and will remain one of our best memories of Charleston, ever!"  The Zuercher Family


My kids...8 and 6, loved your Pirate Treasure Tour! The map was lots of fun for them! It was a great way to start our trip...perfect location!  McCourt Family


"5 Stars.  Our boys loved this tour!  They have been sharing pirate/Charleston facts with all of our friends since the tour.  Sabrina was very engaging and knowledgeable.  Thanks so much for a great tour!"  Sara Losik Hall


"Our group had a fantastic time in Charleston!  They enjoyed Eric's tour & his Pirate storytelling, also.  It couldn't have been any better.  I appreciated all you did to make our tour a successful one!  Thanks!  Looking forward to working with you again soon."  Elaine Talbert, Lincoln Bus Lines


"5 stars.  Last winter my 10-year old son and I took the Ghost Tour with Sabrina.  It was awesome, even though it was the coldest night of the year. Since it was so fabulous, my company hired Charleston Pirate Tours to be at the Charleston In-Water Boat Show last April.  Last week, my son and I took Eric's pirate tour and it didn't disappoint.  We hope to see you at one of our boat shows next year.  Thank you! "  Jacqueline McGuinness Bomar


"5 Stars.  PERFECT for the kiddos as well as entertaining for adults... captain Sabrina is awesome and the kids love her.  Must-do for the family."  Laura Watkins


"My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Captain Eric.  We chose an early morning tour, which turned out to be private and fantastic!  Eric has a wonderful knowledge of Charleston history, including tons of information about local pirates.  I have told friends about this awesome tour, and we will definitely do it again when we come back to Charleston."  The Sass Family


"5 STARS!  This was my second tour with Eric -- he took us out for a ghost tour on Saturday night, and we've taken a pirate tour with him in the past. Eric is so knowledgeable of Charleston's history, and he is a masterful storyteller.  I had trouble falling asleep Saturday night, I was so spooked from the ghost stories!  If you're planning a trip to Charleston, know that any visit would be enriched and made more worthwhile by booking some time with Eric!"  Candace Keener  


"Thank you. You are Eric both were great to work with.  The boys loved the stories.  Thanks again for all your time to help me with this trip.  It was a great trip everyone had a wonderful time."  Jean Powers, Boy Scout Troop 832


"We enjoyed it so much and Olivia can't stop talking about it.  It was her favorite activity that we did while visiting your beautiful city.  Thanks for the great tour, it was awesome."  Lefever Family


"My family really enjoyed the tour, including my “history challenged” teenage daughters.  They remained tuned in to the whole tour.  I appreciate that the tour covers tons of info relative to the local area, and all located in close proximity.  Eric ensured that the group had plenty of rest in shady areas, and made sure his party was together in a group everywhere we went.  It’s a “must see” for folks visiting Charleston."  York Family


Awesome.  Blackbeard, Calico Jack, and more.  Just play the POTC (Pirates of the Caribbean) soundtrack in the background while you hear epic stories of piracy and you're all set."  Ethan Mathur


"5 STARS!  What an awesome tour.  Highly recommended and definitely a must if you are going to be in Charleston.  Eric did a wonderful job with the pirate history of Charleston. We will definitely be back and be back for another tour of Charleston."  Jeff Baker


"We really enjoyed Eric’s tour and learned a lot of details of the 'real' pirate life. It was the highlight of our time in Charleston.  We will certainly recommend your tour to friends who will be visiting the area."  Mindy McClain


"We had a great time and I learned so much.  Eric was fantastic.  He is a great tour guide and just so full of information.  In addition, Bob, of course, was great, too."  Samantha Stockdale


"Thank you for a most wonderful adventure.  I am amazed at the wealth of information imparted to our group.  We so appreciate the southern hospitality extended to our group.  We will highly recommend use of your business to our colleagues and hope to utilize your services again in the future."  Maureen Schwind, Director, Western Piedmont Community College Educational Talent Search


 "5 STARS!  We would highly recommend this tour - learned so much about the history of Charleston in a fun and new perspective - make sure to wear comfortable shoes, but Eric goes at a pace where you don't realize how far you walked.  A must do if you visit Charleston."  Ramona Hernandez Rice


"We want to let you know we all loved the pirate tour.  It was definitely one of the highlights of our vacation.  We were so amazed at the non-stop stories and facts.  Our one daughter has ADHD, so usually she is the one non-stop talking or asking questions or constantly telling us she is bored or tired.  But on your tour, she was by the guide's side the whole way, never interrupted and was actually quietly listening.  Thank you. Great job."  Sherrie from Ohio


"Our family thought the pirate tour was one of the best, if not THE best, tours we have ever had.  We were struck with the authenticity of Eric’s information and his presentation and admire his research and scholarship.  We will catch you again on our next trip to Charleston."  The Black family


"As we reviewed our weekend, we all agreed that your tour was exceptional... My father-in-law commented that he thought it was the best tour that he had ever been on.  Considering how much of the world he's seen and how many tours that represents, that's a considerable statement. We all agreed with his sentiment."  The Kessens


"We took the Pirate tour during our stay in Charleston and were completely happy with the journey.  Eric and Bob were great and had a great deal of knowledge about Charleston and it pirates.  The walking part was a very easy stroll. I would say that of all the things we did this was the most enjoyed.  I enjoy history but it has to be fun history for me.  Thanks for a wonderful afternoon."  Vickie and Paul May


"Great tour!!!! We had such a wonderful was a little hot and I felt bad for Eric in all that gear, but he's a trooper and hung in there.  He did a great job of keeping us in the shade and keeping it interesting.  I will definitely love to see him and Bob again!!!!"  Becky Asbill Dearden 


“5 STARS!  Our first visit to Charleston and love the great tour we had with Eric and Capt.  Bob. Eric knew so much about the pirate history of Charleston as well as facts about the city.  If we are lucky enough to come back to Charleston we will definitely tour with Eric and Bob.  Highly recommend this walking tour."  Dorothy Casper

"An awesome time was had by all with Eric and Captain Bob.  You guys do a great job and I will recommend your tour to everyone.  Eric, wish we had another hour to hear more.  Thanks for giving us a fun morning!"  The Spencer Gang


"What a delightful 2 hours we had this morning.  Eric, you're personable and very knowledgeable.  In the fall, when our friends from PA. are heading back to FL., we'll get together again."   Jesse Bowdoin

"I have to say that I think this tour was the best that we have ever taken.  The information was fascinating and the layout of the tour took into account a great blend of sitting vs. standing--and even where it was shady!  It was an amazing tour that even kept my 14-year-old daughter interested--and she isn't a history buff."  Jeannine Finton


My family and I had a great time on our tour last week. I'm from just up the coast (N Myrtle Beach) and live in Wisconsin now, and I couldn't imagine a better immersion in Charleston culture/history than the one Eric provided last Sunday night.   Lewis Family


"We had such a great time with you.  It was our first visit to Charleston and you were outstanding! Really, Eric, your knowledge of pirate history is unbelievable!  I have read books on the pirates and you are right on with all of your information.  Your presentation is the BEST, and your regalia is wonderful.  I love the way you have collected it from all over the world!  We really enjoyed the tour and will visit with you again on our next trip to Charleston - definitely!"  Bev & Bob Fruhling


"We had a great time.  Eric was awesome and knew his stuff!  We learned a lot.  Definitely worth extending our trip."   The DeWitt Family 


"5 stars.  I can't tell you enough how great the Pirate Tour was today. My girlfriend had been last year and insisted we go today.  We are both history nerds so it was right up my alley.  Let me first say Eric is not a side show or birthday clown.  This tour (the regular pirate tour) is not a "show."  It's the real thing.  Eric is a legitimate pirate/Charleston HISTORIAN.  We were very impressed with his story telling and his knowledge when we had questions.  There were 4 kids under 5 in our group, and all though these kids were troopers and well behaved, I would recommend the Kids tour for that age as the subject of real history (and the fact that it's 2 hours) does ask a lot of kids that age.  I would highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to see Charleston and learn a bunch about the history of Piracy in the area."  Thank you Eric,  Thomas Lunt


"Malaika and I did your pirate tour last Tuesday, August 30.  We were the only guests on the tour that morning which at first made me apprehensive; as a teacher I know something it is more difficult to give a tour/talk to a very small group than to a large group.  But it quickly became apparent that Eric would have no problem guiding and telling stories to the two of us.  We really had a great time learning about historic Charleston and the pirate activity there.  Eric's historical knowledge is impressive, but I was more impressed with his as a storyteller.  Malaika and I kept remembering Eric quotes for several days and got a lot of laughs.  We have already recommended your tour to other people, and I hope that we can come back and do one of Eric’s ghost tours.  Eric, dude, you're awesome.  Thanks for giving us our money's worth and then some!"   Jay and Malaika - Georgia


"We wanted to tell you that the Pirate Tour was the highlight of our entire trip to SC.  As I told Eric, it was worth every penny. His historic knowledge, gift for storytelling, and love for the city were very impressive. He even made it understandable and fun for our 9-year-old daughter. You always know you are on the right tour, when other tours stop to look at yours!  We appreciate the service and assistance you gave us before the tour, as well."  The Mason Family


"Thank you so much.  We took the Saturday night tour as a gift for our teenage son.  We had a wonderful time.  We never think about this town as a pirate town, but to learn that Blackbeard blockaded the harbor for some 'medicine' was fascinating, not to mention all the other stories of pirate lore, swashbuckling, and daring escapes.  Definitely worth the time and money for our family.  We will do this again if company comes to town.  Thank you especially to Eric for pointing out the rough walking spots and even providing a flashlight for those of us with canes after dark."  Lisa Thunstedt


"Thank you so much for your recent visit and special presentations at The Schiele Museum in Gastonia, NC. We really found your programs to be interesting, educational and great for all ages! Thank you for all the time you spent with our guests and for going to extra mile. We would love to have you back here very soon and highly recommend you to other museums, schools or families! A ++++++++++ We loved Capt Bob, he was great!!!!"  Amy Ballard, The Schiele Museum of Natural History


"Both Eric and Bob were wonderful!  Kids and adults are still talking about them!  Thank you so much."  Eve Stratos, Belle Hall Elementary


5 STARS!  "Thank you so much for the pirate tour of Charleston!  Ed and I both agree that it was the highlight of our trip. As costumed interpreters for Colonial Williamsburg, both Ed and I came to the tour with pirate knowledge, but after hearing all that Eric had to tell us, we feel we have learned so much more."  Susan Kubil 


"Hey, awesome pirate/ghost tour Friday night. Moms (and dads), this is a cool idea for a birthday celebration. Our daughter turned 13 Saturday, and she and her friend's LOVED Eric and his cool/creepy Lowcountry tales."  Janet Walsh


“5 STARS!  Thanks so much!!!  Connor and his friends had a blast. Keeping a group of six 9-year-old boys entertained for almost 2 hours is no easy task and Eric pulled it off perfectly. They are still talking about the Boo hag this morning. It was the perfect birthday party and I am sure they will be talking about it for a long time."  Andrea Leary  


“5 STARS!  We all had a great time with Eric and Captain Bob.  It was very hot and we felt bad for both of them but they managed to do a wonderful job!  Our boys are 5 & 2, they are still talking about "their pirate" and, of course, their favorite, Bob. We will definitely be back for another tour! Thanks a lot!!!"  Alexandra Irwin 


"We ALL had a great time!  Thanks so much for everything you did to make this event run as smoothly as possible."  Denise Parker, Barnwell Elementary


"My son, Caden, and I visited Charleston for the first time in July.  We chose Charleston Pirate Tours as the tour we were to take of the historic downtown area.  It was a great choice!  My son loved every minute and I even found myself reliving information I learned on the tour to others back home.  What a great tour!  Thanks!"  Angela Decker


"My family and I had a GREAT time on the tour today.  My eight-year old didn't say much on the tour, but has not stopped talking about it since.  This tour is not to be missed!"  The Tomlinsons 


“5 STARS!  Wonderful Tour!!  We have 2 and 4yr old girls and they enjoyed it as well.  Would def suggest to anyone and would love to do it again."  Jill Northway Harris 


"We had a great time on the pirate tour.  We enjoyed the stories and interesting details about pirates and their connection to Charleston. Our 7 year old says he never knew girls could be pirates.  We've taken other tours on past visits to Charleston and the pirate tour was by far the best."  The McCraw Family


"We were looking for an informative, family, fun tour; you delivered!  Our entire group loved the entertaining historical walking tour.  You have a natural ability to paint grand pictures in our minds.  Coupled with the beautiful historical backdrop of Charleston, we felt like we were in the thick of it all.  Special thanks for keeping adult descriptions suitable for young ears... We really enjoyed our pirate experience with you as our storyteller.  All in all, we had an adventurous and enjoyable afternoon.  Thank you for the memories."  Baldwin Family


"The tour was really amazing!  Both Samantha and I enjoyed it.  We aren't very used to the heat, as we are from Chicago, but it was nice that it wasn't overly long, but it was very interesting, and I thought would engage both children and adults alike.  Thanks! "   Andy W, Arlington Heights, IL


"The best historical pirate tour guide in the business.  I thought the tour was informative and entertaining. You really know a lot about pirate history and your presentation was excellent.  One thing though-the parrot is fun and great but he does get in the way of your commentary.  Could you think of a separate routine with the parrot, maybe just posing was unique enough or just leave him out when you start your talk.  I am actually working on some pirate fiction in the Caribbean.  Can I call on you again for more information?  Thank you"  Dr. Curtis Sonny and Barbara.


"Enjoyed our tour so much today!  Brice (the 4 year old) said it was the best trip in the world lol!  Look forward to coming back & doing a ghost tour."  Monica in North Carolina


"Really enjoyed the walking tour this morning, Eric.  Lots of information and humor made it fun.  You can be sure we'll recommend you to friends visiting the Charleston area."  Gayle Star 

“5 STARS!  Thanks for great Pirate tour.  We had a great time.  We enjoyed all of Eric's story about the pirates.  We will to tell our friends about the tours.  Thanks again Eric for great tour."  Maryann Corbett“


Wonderful Family Fun!  When our grandsons came to visit, the entire family took the Treasure Hunt Pirate Tour.  Captain Sabrina & Doozer, her parrot, made sure that everyone had a great time! Historical facts, with some funny anecdotes added, kept the adults thoroughly entertained, while sword-fighting lessons, map reading for clues and racing from one clue site to the next gave the kids a super adventure! Thanks, Captain Sabrina, for a terrific morning!"  Lynn from Chicago


I don’t use social media (I wish I did in this instance, if only to give you guys 5 stars), but I absolutely have to commend the pirate tour. My wife and I decided to try it on a whim (found you all on google) and we both agree that it is the absolute best attraction in Charleston, bar none. I even picked up a copy of “The Last Days of Blackbeard” on our way out (it’s fantastic, of course). I simply cannot say enough good things about it. He was so knowledgable and accommodating throughout the entire tour and he’s quite an adept story teller. I made sure to tell the B&B manager about it before we left as they hadn’t heard of you all. We will be returning to Charleston JUST to try out the ghost tour.  Thanks for a fantastic experience, John


"For our first visit to Charleston, we decided to take a walking tour of the city and what better way than with a guide who dressed as a pirate and carried a beautiful and vocal macaw on his arm... no easy feat with hot and humid weather.  Eric was a wonderful guide and knew so much about the pirate history of Charleston and the city itself.  I highly recommend Eric's tour to anyone going to will love it!"  Dorothy Casper


"This was a great tour.  The day was HOT, but we all hung together.  Thanks for keeping us in the shade as much as possible.  My 4 and 8 year-old boys loved Captain Bob!"  Amanda Willocks-Giles


"My family and I enjoyed our tour today, thank you Captain Bob and Eric!  I will definitely recommend this tour to friends and family!"  Stephen May 


"We certainly did enjoy the tour... They [the students} enjoyed (Eric's) stories, costume and parrot.  The Mills House also gave them a sense of keeping historical architecture intact.  Thank you for lining up everything.  I will recommend other groups to you."  Carol Robinson, Ridge View High School, on customized tour for students studying hospitality industry


"We had a fabulous time on our tour with Eric and Capt Bob! Our ages ranged from 3 to 60 and all ages enjoyed Eric's storytelling.  His knowledge combined with humor made for a very entertaining morning.  We just moved to the area and we will be back when friends and relatives come to visit us. See you again soon!  Thanks again."  The Riggios


"My husband and I had a great time and the tour was fun and educational. We couldn't have asked for a better day for our 15-year anniversary!  Thank you, Nadine"


"We had an excellent time and the tour was well worth the money.  Eric is very knowledgeable about pirates and about Charleston.  We will be using his tour every time someone comes to visit."  Charles Ramsey.


"When Eric Lavender walks into the room all activities cease, and the attention is totally focused toward the dreadlocks, the swashbuckling outfit and the parrot.  His stories of life on the Carolina coast as a pirate come alive and his audience is mesmerized.  Eric presented a program for the Edgar Allan Poe library and we are still talking about it.  His attention to detail, his life-like appearance and his ability to tell stories are all part of his alter ego.  The magic comes alive.  He is truly a wonderful teller of stories." Jeri England, Manager, Edgar Allan Poe Library, Sullivan's Island.


"NOT YOUR AVERAGE CHARLESTON TOUR! - Part history tour, part ghost tour, all fun!  For a different kind of Charleston tour, don't miss Eric Lavender's Pirate [and Ghost] Tour.  His authentic costume and impressive knowledge make for an afternoon you won't soon forget.  Don't waste your time on a carriage tour......learn more about Charleston with Eric Lavender!  Definitely 5 stars!"  Plemmons family, South Carolina


"Captain Bob (and you too, Eric), just wanted to drop a note and let you know how very much Wayne, Wanda, and Tiki enjoyed your Pirate Tour a couple of weeks ago.  Wanda is telling everyone here about it and one relative says Captain Worley was related to her family.  Don't know if I would want to brag about a 6-week pirate... though.  Was well worth the trip down from Myrtle Beach."  Wayne Teale, Myrtle Beach (editor's note: Tiki is a green wing macaw.) 


"Thank you for taking Scott and I on the Pirate Tour today.  I loved your stories and how you intermixed the pirate stories with the ghost stories.  I thought your storytelling was great and was very pleased with learning about stuff I'd never heard about before."  Shuva, Davenport, IA


"Thank you for being part of the 20th Annual Children's Day Festival this year... As always you and Bob were a great hit at the event and enjoyed by hundreds of children."  Su McManus-Frost, Event Coordinator, Town of Mt. Pleasant


"…pirate Eric Lavender was a crowd-pleaser... He also brought along his friend Bob the Macaw, who drew a crowd with his loud whistles and chatter."  Charleston Magazine


"Thanks so much we had a great time w/ you! Keep up the great work!"  Rob Parslow  


"We have taken many tours over the years and several other pirate tours. We enjoyed this one more than any other one we have ever taken.  Please tell Eric how much we enjoyed it and we all learned something.  We will recommend this to anyone we know who is visiting Charleston."   The Bruortons


"Loved it (ages 13 and 7), and so did mom and dad.  We learned a lot of interesting information, and it was absolutely one of the highlights of our trip.  Thank you for being such great hosts.  I have taken myriad tours in Charleston over the past month, but I enjoyed yours the most.  You are an exceptionally gifted storyteller, and you do a great job of including your audience!  If anyone has time for but one tour of Charleston, yours is the one!"  Al Brashear


"5 STARS!  Eric spoke at a business banquet for me.  It was late at night after a long day, but he held everyone's attention with his lively and humorous storytelling.  Bob the parrot was entertaining, too!  Eric really knows his pirate history and went from table to table answering questions.  He was very patient and friendly, posing for photos and chatting with my attendees. If he was that good in a banquet room, I can just imagine how much fun he must be on a walking tour.  His outfit was great, too.  All around, a terrific package - good costume, good storyteller, great stories, funny parrot.  You will not be disappointed!"  Hope Silverman, FSA


"Just wanted to say that we had an exceptional time on the pirate tour and we all three agree that it was the best experience of the trip.  We enjoyed how knowledgeable Eric was.  It was both fun and interesting.  We wish we could have done a ghost tour with you too!  Kudos!"  The Buchanans


"The tour was fantastic - the kids so blessed to live in such a wonderful city!"  The Larsons


"We had a wonderful time on the pirate tour.  I've been a pirate buff since I was a kid (my dad always claimed we were descended from pirates), and learned things I never came across in my readings.  The walk around your beautiful city complimented the stories to a T.  We retraced our steps several times to linger at some of the more picturesque spots.  Thanks again."  Al Giraldi


"We took the tour with Eric. He is great.  I highly recommend his tour and telling of our pirate past.  We felt like we went back in time.  Delightful. Thanks Eric!"  Bari Falese  


"A special thanks to Charleston Pirate Tours and Eric for doing an awesome job at entertaining my corporate group at the Old Exchange the other evening.  Not only did Eric offer a fantastic view of how piracy was in the lowcountry, he also was so amenable to being thrown in with my professional actors as part of a great fight scene.  Bob the bird was the perfect addition.  I look forward to utilizing CPT for all of our pirate programs."  Lawson Roberts, White Tuxedo Productions


"...our son has been much more interested in history.  He has new interests in the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, Edgar Allen Poe, Gullah, early trade in the states, ghosts, and, of course, Pirates.  All these things we heard about on our tour this past June.  Keep doing what you love Eric and we will keep loving what you do.  Thanks for being a positive influence on my pirate." John Powell  


 "We returned home this evening.  The kids were still talking about their "pirates."  They really enjoyed the tours in spite of the heat!  We will continue to have the pirates as a part of our itinerary!  We will be back same time next year!  Thanks so much!"  Tina Childress, Laurens Middle School


"I just wanted to let you know that my family and I had such a great time on your tour.  My normally shy 10-year-old ditched the rest of us to walk with Eric so he didn't miss anything.  I had to take a picture because I knew no one would believe it!  It was very informative and entertaining for my husband and I, and the kids are both still talking about the pirates they learned about and want to check out books on the subject to learn more!  Thank you for a wonderful experience."  Avello Family

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