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Haunted Charleston

The Pink House is the oldest structure in Charleston.

We think this ghost at the Pink House might be the famous pirate, Anne Bonny. She died at the age of 82.

Poogan's Porch is also home to the ghost of Miss Zoe.

For a side of ghost with your meal, dine at Poogan's Porch. You might just meet the cutest ghost in town!

His more famous son is John Wilkes Booth.

Junius Booth Haunts the Dock Street Theatre.

The ghost supposedly protects pirate treasure buried on the property.

A headless pirate ghost haunts 37 Meeting Street.

Philadelphia Alley may just be the most haunted street in Charleston.

One of Eric's evening guests sent this photo of Philadelphia Alley. See the head and skeletal arm?

The Old City Jail on Magazine Street is, perhaps, the most haunted building in Charleston!

Eric took this picture of a 12-year-old's back after a tour of the Old City Jail.

There's more than one ghost at St. Philip's Church.

While we appreciate their sense of humor, we have to disagree.

The Sword Gate House is at 32 Legare St.

Madame Talvande still walks the halls of the Sword Gate House, which was a boarding school in the 1820s.

Bureid in her wedding dress, Harriet Mackie died just before her wedding in 1804.

You might see this bride still awaiting her bridegroom at St. Michael's.

The Hat Man is actually an advertisement for hats painted by the store owner in the 1890s.

The Hat Man at Broad and Church Streets may not be a ghost, but he gave Sabrina nightmares when she was a kid. Look at the eyes... the eyes are evil!

Martha's father, Henry Laurens, was so fearful of being buried alive, his will stipulated that he be

Thought to be dead as an infant, Martha Laurens Ramsey was saved from being buried alive when she woke up and sneezed.

The Gentleman Pirate was hanged at the Charleston waterfront.

Stede Bonnet's hanging - pirate ghosts still haunt the waterfront!

We don't know either, but it creeped out our daughter, who is the young girl in the photo.

What is the light shadow over the two people on the right? Taken in the Old City Jail.

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