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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

   Space is limited, and tours often sell out. To get the tour time that you want, we suggest advance purchase.


Is the tour appropriate for children?

   We consider all of our tours are family-friendly,  but we are talking about pirates, after all.  As for the Ghost Tours, our daughter has been taking ghost tours since she was 6 years old and not required therapy.  However, if your children are easily scared, they might want to sleep with you on the night of the tour.  We love kids - we've got one - but if a child disrupts the tour, parents will be asked to remove the child from the tour for the sake of our other guests.  Of course, we do offer a tour specifically designed for kids - the Children's Treasure Hunt Tour.  


Do you cancel for bad weather?

   Tours run rain or shine.  Should hazardous weather or any unforeseen event force the cancellation of a tour, you may reschedule your tour (subject to availability).  If you cannot reschedule, we will refund your purchase.  Cancellation of tours is at the sole discretion of Charleston Pirate Tours.


How far do we walk? 

   The Pirate Tour, Ghost and Pirate Tour, and Daytime Ghost Tour cover between 3/4 of a mile to 1 1/4 miles and last 90 minutes to 2 hours.  All tours are at a leisurely pace, and offer a couple of opportunities to sit.  The Children's Tour cover less than 1/2 mile, never leaves White Point Gardens, and lasts about an hour.   



   As the tour route takes us through several residential areas, public restrooms are few and far between, and there are no scheduled restroom stops.  We recommend that you hit the head before the tour begins.


Is there access for the handicapped?                   Charleston’s 346-year-old sidewalks can be a bit daunting if you have mobility issues.  However, we do our best to accommodate all including guests with wheelchairs and motorized scooters.  Please let us know of mobility issues in advance, so we can plan accommodations.  If your group does not want a walking tour, we can arrange a a motorized tour or storytelling presentation for you.  


Do you do private tours?        

   Yes, we are happy to customize private tours. Please contact us for information on scheduling your private tour.  Call 843-442-7299 or email

Do you offer gift certificates? 

   Yes, and a Charleston Pirate Tour gift certificate makes a terrific gift!


Are Captain Bob and Doozer real, live birds? 

   We actually get this question a lot, and the answer is YES!  We adopted Captain Bob and Doozer from BirdLove Avian Sanctuary in Columbia, SC. Thousands of abandoned birds of all sizes are in need good homes, so if you ever consider having a companion bird, please consider adoption!


Can the parrots talk? 

   Yes, and Captain Bob and Doozer have very large vocabularies.  We never know what they'll say, but please don't be offended if Bob calls you Bozo; that's one of his favorite words.


Can I hold/pet the parrot? 

   For your safety and the safety of the parrots, we do not allow guests to handle them.  Plus, our insurance company would drop us like a hot rock!


Where did you get your costume? 

   We have most of our clothing custom-made or purchase from historic reproduction companies.  We've collected accessories from all of the world.  


Are cameras/video recorders allowed? 

   Yes.  In fact, Captain Bob and Doozer love posing, and we're thrilled when you share your experience with friends and family!  If you want to use photos or video for commercial purposes, you are required to contact us for written permission.


Should we tip the tour guide? 

   If your guide does an awesome job, feel free to tip.


Can you take large groups? 

   Yes, we can accommodate large groups. However, if you have a group with more than 20 people, we will have to split up the group and use multiple tour guides.  The City of Charleston limits the number of walking tour guests to 20.  All of our guides are highly experienced and very entertaining, and all dress in period apparel. Just contact us for booking information.


Will we see a ghost?

If we do, we bet you won't be able to keep up with your guide.

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