​​​Charleston Pirate Tours

Boys and their toys - comparing weaponry during a break in the shoot

William getting handheld shots of carousing pirates.

SCETV Producer William Richardson setting the shot.

The Legend of the Bouquet.  Bonnet accepts small bouquet from young girl (Ariel) right before he dances the hempen jig.  

Preparing to hang Stede Bonnet.  That's Rodney Rogers playing Bonnet.

Special thanks to John Laverne of Bulldog Tours, and our cast (clockwise from bottom left: Ariel Lavender, Eric Lavender, Lindsay Hoover, Stephen Beard, Alan Stello, Rodney Rogers, Gary Dow)

Eric had a very special opportunity to work with South Carolina ETV as a consultant and performer in Carolina Stories, Ghosts & Legends III.  Eric's segments feature Stede Bonnet's Execution and the Legend of the Bouquet, the Pirate Ghost Guarding Treasure, Richard Whorley, and restless pirate spirits!


Carolina Stories, Ghosts and Legends III