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​​​​This eclectic and engaging tour is based on the best-selling book of the same name (now in its’ sixth printing)! 

The tour is led by the book's author!

Charleston Pirate Tours Guides

​​​​Experience the Civil War- where it began! 

Whether expert or novice, this two-hour excursion through downtown Charleston will immerse you in the conflict that defined our nation.

​​​​Founded in 1670, Charles Town became the jewel of the South, but not before a tumultuous beginning. 

The city started as a bawdy port town known for pirates and ladies of negotiated affections.  As Charles Town grew, it became known for its immense wealth, religious tolerance, refinement, and sophistication. 

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Charleston Children's Treasure Hunt Tour
Charleston Group Tours

Join our crew for an interactive tour    that makes history fun for children!

Souvenirs for the kids are included at no additional charge:  swords, bandanas, pirate flags, and treasure.  We even make balloon parrots for our young crew members!​

From 90-minute walking tours to all-day motorized excursions, we customize your  private or group tour to cover your

interests: general history, Colonial, Revolution, Civil War, pirate, and ghost.

We also offer destination management services to help you plan your entire visit.

​​​Explore Charleston Pirate History with award-winning guides during a picturesque stroll the the historic district.

Add some scares to your history on our  evening Pirate & Ghost Tour and

Daytime Ghost & History Tour.

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