Charleston Pirate Tours

What Educators say:

"Both Eric and Bob were wonderful!  Kids and adults are still talking about them!  Thank you so much."  Eva Stratos,Belle Hall Elementary

"When Eric Lavender walks into the room all activities cease, and the attention is totally focused toward the dreadlocks, the swashbuckling outfit and the parrot.  His stories of life on the Carolina coast as a pirate come alive and his audience is mesmerized.  Eric presented a program for the Edgar Allan Poe library and we are still talking about it.  His attention to detail, his life-like appearance and his ability to tell stories are all part of his alter ego.  The magic comes alive. He is truly a wonderful teller of stories."  Jeri England, Manager, Edgar Allan Poe Library, Sullivan's Island.

"Thank you so much for your recent visit and special presentations at The Schiele Museum in Gastonia,NC.  We really found your programs to be interesting, educational and great for all ages!  Thank you for all the time you spent with our guests and for going to extra mile.  We would love to have you back here very soon and highly recommend you to other museums, schools or families!  A++++++++++  We loved Capt Bob, he was great!!!!"  Amy Ballard, Schiele Museum of Natural History

"Student travelers will love sailing out to the horizon with Charleston Pirate Tours, led by guide Eric Lavender and his parrot, Captain Bob. Student tour groups hear the tales of how piracy affected the port of Charleston in the early 1700s."  InSite on Student Travel, June 11, 2010

Eric brings history alive and makes                                                     it fun for the students. Of course,                                                      his authentic costume and Captain                                                  Bob, the big blue & gold macaw,                                         immediately capture the attention                                   and imagination of the children.

The program, “Golden Age of Piracy” (1690-1730) explores how piracy impacted Charles Towne. It dispels the romantic myths and legends of pirate life and explores the difference between privateers and pirates. Eric also discusses the politics of piracy. Did you know that pirate ships operated as a democracy? Did you know that commerce between pirates and “legitimate” businessmen was an important part of Charles Towne’s early economy?

Eric brings to life the pirates, who visited our fair shores: Stede Bonnet, Blackbeard, Jack Rackham, Richard Worley, Charles Vane, and of course the notorious female pirates, Mary Read and Anne Bonny.

We can customize a                                                                 program for your                                                                            school to cover any                                                                              aspect of Charleston                                                                     history from the                                                                         Colonial Period                                                                         through the 20th                                                                        century.  Just let us                                                                            know your curriculum                                                                       standards, and we'll                                                                 prepare a program for                                                                       your class.

We can also bring our popular
Treasure Hunt to your location and make history interactive for the kids!

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