Charleston Pirate Tours

Charleston Tavern Tour

Thu, Fri, Sat at 6:30pm
For tickets, call 843-442-7299

Pubs, pirates, patriots, police, priests, prostitutes... Charleston's history through the bottom of a glass!

Carouse with our crew on the tour that includes true stories accompanied by adult beverages.  Stories some locals would like to forget... like a drunk clergyman baptizing a bear.

Charleston Pirate Tour

Mon - Sat at 10am and Sun at 2pm

Charleston's true piratical past is more exciting and humorous than anything on the big screen!  This 2-hour walking tour takes you back in time to Blackbeard's most notorious exploit, the blockade of the Charleston harbor.  We'll explore the capture and execution of Gentleman Pirate Stede Bonnet and other pirates, the romance between Calico Jack and Anne Bonny, and much more... all as we stroll through the oldest sections of what was once the walled city of Charles Towne. 

Pirate & Ghost Tour
Monday-Sunday at 7:30pm

Stroll through the spooky side of Charleston on this 90-minute walking tour.  It's a little bit of pirate history combined with Charleston ghost and Gullah legends.

Daily Tours

Children's Treasure Hunt Tour

Mon - Sun at 10:30am
Interactive history with hands-on activities that make history fun for young children.  The kids practice sword drills and make their very own pirate flags during our search for treasure in White Point Gardens, where little pirates can safely run and play.  This tour even includes fun souvenirs: swords, treasure, maps, balloon parrots, and pirate flags!  At one hour long, it's the perfect time length for kids.  Adults, as well as the kids, will enjoy the history and pirate trivia we share on the tour.

Daytime Ghost Tour
Mon - Sun at 1pm
See the haunted sites you can't see at night!  From quaint alleys to grand avenues, we'll visit some of Charleston most famous, haunted sites.  You'll also      get a healthy dose of Charleston history!