​​​Charleston Pirate Tours

 Tour Bus Passenger Loading Zone

on Concord St.  Just click on the "Directions" link on the map for larger view & driving directions.  Important note for large buses - you will need to get on Concord Street before Market St.   You can drop off guests behind the Custom House at South Market & Concord and then park on Concord north of the Custom House.  All buses Must have a city tour/parking permit.  We can help you arrange that, or you can call the permit office at 843-720-3965.

Daytime Ghost Tour

Begins in Washington Square.  There is an entrance to the park at 74 Broad St.  There also entrances on Meeting St. and Chalmers St.  There is a city parking garage at Queen and King Streets.

Pirate and Ghost Tour

Begins next to the Old Exchange Building at 122 East Bay St.  There is some street parking in the vicinity.  The closest garage is at Middle Atlantic Wharf and Prioleau Streets.

Children's Treasure Hunt Tour

Begins at the Confederate Defenders Memorial in White Point Garden at the corner of East Battery and Murray Blvd.  Here's a street view of the monument.  For directions, lick the "View on Google Maps" link.  There is street parking around the perimeter of the park.

Charleston Pirate Tour

Begins inside the Powder Magazine Museum at 79 Cumberland St.  There is a city parking garage across the street from the Magazine. 

All of our tours have different starting points.  Use these maps to find the tour that you chose. 

We've also included a map for tour bus parking for our group clients.

Charleston Maps