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For tours of the Old City Jail, contact Bulldog Tours at 843-722-TOUR.  

Eric actually started his tour guide career with Bulldog Tours and still does tours for Bulldog in the fall and winter... most often, you'll find him scaring folks on the Haunted Jail Tour.

Old City Jail.  Taken during the day with no flash and nothing in the room that would reflect green, so don't know what the green light is.

Old City Jail.  Look at the "lines" shooting through the holes in the floor.

Old City Jail.  Photo taken during daylight with no flash in the backyard of the jail.

Old City Jail.  What's the light shadow over the two people on the right?

Haunted Charleston tour

Bocci's Restaurant.  Look in the two middle windows.

St. Philip's Church graveyard.

St. Philip's Church graveyard.

Look in the lower left corner.  See the face?  We think he looks a lot like the portrait of Issac Hayne that we pasted next to it.  This is in the Provost Dungeon of the Old Exchange Building.

Old City Jail in haunted Charleston
Haunted Old City Jail Tour Charleston
Charleston ghost tour Old Exchange Building and Dungeon

Artist Alice Grimsley was working at the Pink House Gallery on the day this photo was taken by a visitor's son.  The boy snapped a shot of the back upstairs windows from the courtyard.  Alice says there was no one else in the building!  Closeup of face below.

Great photo taken by a tour guest in Philadelphia Alley. See the "man" on the right and the chest on the left? The alley is next to a building that served as a warehouse, so a man looking into a chest makes sense.

Haunted Charleston restaurant walking tour
Ghost walking tour Charleston
Ghost tour St Philip's Church Charleston SC
ghost in Philadelphia Alley Charleston SC
Old City Jail walking tour in Charleston SC
Ghost in window Charleston SC
Ghost at the Pink House in Charleston SC

Charleston Ghost Photos