​​​Charleston Pirate Tours

Probably not a good idea to let her drive.

Doozer is a big help when it's time to open on of those annoying ink cartridge boxes.

If you ever get a strange email from us, this is why.

Captain Bob with Gary Griffin of WEZL.

Eric and Capt. Bob interviewed for Performance Today on National Public Radio

Charleston Walking Tour Guide on Performance Today NPR

Capt. Bob makes TV appearance to promote Pirate Festival.

Parrot tour guide in Charleston SC

Doozer at the Maritime Festival

 Yep, the parrots get fan mail!

Pirate tours with parrot in Charleston

Capt. Bob loves fries, but only gets them as a very occasional treat.

Hey, waitress, I need more fries!

Captain Bob is one of the many animals, who live with us.  We adopted this beautiful Blue & Gold Macaw from BirdLove Avian Sanctuary in Columbia, SC.

Captain Bob is about 25 years old, but that's young for a macaw.  He could live into his 70s.

We also adopted his "sister," Doozer the Diva, from BirdLove.  Doozer is about 29 years old, which, for a  Yellow-naped Amazon, is middle-aged.  She could live into her 60s.

Captain Bob and Doozer love getting out of the house and getting attention.  In addition to doing tours with us, they also make appearances at events, schools, and museums. They even go out to eat with us!

Doozer of Charleston Pirate Tours
Yellow naped Amazon parrot with Charleston Pirate Tours
Parrot on tour in Charleston SC
Captain Bob of Charleston Pirate Tours
Charleston Pirate Tours on WEZL
Charleston Walking Tours with parrot
Charleston Pirate Tours parrot
Pirate with parrot in Charleston SC

Captain Bob and Doozer